A photo restoration service, based in Cornwall
A photo restoration service, based in Cornwall

Terms and Conditions

Copyright and Legal Obligations

Placing an order for work, or quote constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions of business.

By entering into a contract with Kernow Photo Fix you are assumed to own the full copyright, or have obtained permission of the copyright owner.

The sender of the image or document, digital or otherwise will be held liable for any violation of copyright taken by a third party. By submitting photographs to us for restoration, you are confirming that no copyright rules or laws will be breached. Kernow Photo Fix will not be liable to you, or any third party for any copyright infringement; even if that loss or damage was deemed likely, or the possibility of it was brought to the attention of us. You will be liable for any copyright claims that arise.

Kernow Photo Fix will not be liable to any client, or any third party for any damages as a result of our business services.


All images must be uploaded via the online form at www.kernowphotofix.co.uk , or if agreed by both parties using an alternative method. Details of customers are kept in strict confidence and are not sold on to third parties.*

Kernow Photo Fix may use any work carried out on photographs as examples on our website, Facebook business page, or other forms of advertising. No personal information will be displayed. Customers may of course notify us if they do not wish their photographs to be displayed.


Kernow Photo Fix reserves the right to refuse any request or order and will not accept material of a pornographic, violent or obscene nature.


If the original image is very small e.g. 3″x2″ the amount of detail will also be limited, as will how much it can be enlarged. The quality of the finished image will depend on the supplied scan or original photograph, negative or slide. Out of focus or over exposed images with contrast / shadow details missing can only be restored to a certain standard. Kernow Photo Fix will endeavour to match image quality and colour as closely as possible to the original photograph. Exact colour may not always be possible due to the limitations of equipment and materials therefore slight variations can occur. The size of any print will also be determined by the above factors.

Kernow Photo Fix will advise on the timescale to first completion, and will notify if any delay is likely.


Kernow Photo Fix will not be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred by the Post Office or any third party delivery. Kernow Photo Fix wil return any originals and final prints by Royal Mail recorded 1st class delivery and we advise all customers to use this service when sending original photographs, negatives or slides. Customers will be responsible for postage costs whether work is undertaken by Kernow Photo Fix or not.

All framed work will be protectively packaged to ensure no damage can occur. To avoid problems arising, if possible, customers are advised to inspect and collect.


Customer is to notify Kernow Photo Fix if the supplied quote is satisfactory and to request the work to begin, this is a contract. Once complete we will send a low resolution and watermarked image for the customer to inspect, we will endeavour to make any reasonable and possible adjustments, if required. Once satisfied with the work, an email will then be sent with a PayPal link for payment to Kernow Photo Fix, or either cash/cheque. Please note payment can be made with PayPal, OR any credit/debit card in this way. Other forms of payment only by prior arrangement.

*Where original images are sent by post, by a potential customer, and no work is carried out by Kernow Photo Fix, return postage cost will be paid for by the original sender, following the payment method above before images are returned.

Kernow Photo Fix reserves the right to change these terms and conditions if and when required.

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